Eyes like poetry
Hands full of flowers
Wild fields of green
Sunsets of promise

my soul is alive

wild one

my name is liv.

I am a daughter, an artist, and one full of a whole lot of passion. I really love words, whether it be in song or in poetry- I love using them to convey the Father’s heart and the overflow of what He is doing in my own heart. I value the path of coming alive and grace we have to daily walk in resurrection life. Everyday truly gets brighter and so, so much sweeter. My heart is becoming a garden, as my feet pioneer the wild path that leads to Abba. 

To share a little bit of my story- three years ago I lived in Batesburg, South Carolina and seriously loved it. I would have been content to live there for the rest of my life. The overwhelming presence of God that is found there changed my life in a million different ways and it will always be a place that I call home. 

However, there was this thing on the inside of me that was missing- and I could not deny it. I felt this nudging to find a spiritual Father and Mother. To many, this might sound like control- but to one who follows the way of Christ- it really is so much freedom. In talking with the people closest to me- I knew that this nudging had to be the Holy Spirit.

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I soon moved to Covington, Georgia- knowing without a doubt in my mind that this was where I would call home. It was the hardest, most challenging, scariest, best thing I’ve ever done. I am now surrounded by not just a mother and a father, but a family of creators who walk along with me in the long path of small obedience. I am surrounded by people I didn’t even know I needed in my life and now I don’t know what I would do without them. We are wild enough to actually believe that we are the righteousness of Christ. We are being drenched in the revelation that the Lord really is good and He doesn’t have another side. When I look back on my life, in so many tears, I can see NOTHING BUT the GOODness of God. 

My hope for you, no matter what your story may be, is that you can find Him involved in every detail of your life. That you have eyes to see that He has always been the one who cared.

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I pray that All Things Liv would be a platform for His goodness to be displayed for all who have eyes to see it and even those who don’t. I know that what I create might not be as ‘trendy’ and might not ‘sell as well’ as other things- yet, I cannot help but create something that shows off the Kindest King & the most Loving Father. He is my story.

“For your goodness and love pursue me all the days of my life.” -Psalms 23:6 

 So without further ado: Welcome to All Things Liv.

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