wait on something green
wait on something green
wait on something green

my soul is alive

the reintroduction


Roll the windows down and blast the music 
Buy the flowers and iced caramel lattes
Find what makes your heart come alive
Dance even if you look awkward 
Dress up just because you want to

Welcome to the space where you feel free to let your wild heart plant roots of wholeness as it blooms with the abundance of life. May this space bring to you holy inspiration to create. While this space may be an expression of the colors that I bring to the world- may you find pieces of who you are and find encouragement to walk in the glorious, full spectrum light of you. 

Get caught up in a daydream
Fall in love with the beauty of life
And get lost in the depths of furious, reckless, nothing-but-good-kinda-love

creating from wholeness

My name is Liv and I am a daughter, an artist, and one full of a whole lot of passion. I really love words, whether it be in song or in poetry- I love using them to convey the Father’s heart and the overflow of what He is doing in my own heart -- and this is a space for that very thing.

A space where all things          

more about me here

but what if it turns out better than you thought?